DUZTECH MOSQUITO mist cannon is a small machine that can be moved by hand. Compact and light in weight makes is perfect for indoor demolition. 
Standard is automatic swing operation to distribute the water mist over larger areas with a throwing distance of 10-15 m. The unit feature low power consumption. It´s connected to a standard 1 phase 230V wall socket. 
The water mist generated by this unit is extremely fine and there-fore effective against airborne dust, but also for humidification when the ground/surface is sensitive for wetting. The MOSQUITO cannon are also suitable for odour control. 
The MOSQUITO generates a water mist with droplet sizes 10-50 microns with a mean droplet size of 25 microns.

Droplet size: 10 - 50 microns 
Mean droplet size: 25 microns 

SPECIFICATIONS Fan motor rating 1,1 kW 
Pump motor rating 0,6 kW 
Current consumption 8 Amps 
Specified voltage 230 AC 
Frequency 50 Hz 
Power connector size L-N-PE 
(Schucko) (type F) 
Control panel Buttons 
Dry weight 110 kg 
Length 1 200 mm 
Width 750 mm 
Height 1 150 mm 
Elevation, HAND -20 to +60˚ 
Throw (up to) 10-15 m 
Water flow 2 LPM 
Water connection Thread 1” BSP 
Required in pressure 2 - 10 bar 
Nozzle pressure 70 bar 
Filtration system 60 microns 
Wheel set YES 
Operating temp. +1°C to +40°C

Booster pump 70 bar 
Water drain at shut down 
Manual water inlet valve 
Pump run dry protection 
Filter system 60 micron 
Pressure gauges 
Automatic turning system 
Wheel set