DUZTECH X15 mist cannon is built on the same robust and compact frame as the X-35. 
The unit feature low power consumption and is he obvious option when power is limited. It´s connected to a standard 1 phase 230V wall socket (16A). Optional 110V 32A. Automatic swing operation up to 350° to distribute the water mist over larger areas with a throwing distance of 15 - 20 m. 
Droplet size: 10 - 150 microns 
Mean droplet size: 70 microns

Fan motor rating 1,1 kW 
Pump motor rating 1,2 kW 
Current consumption 12 Amps 
Specified voltage 230 AC (220-240) 
Frequency 50 Hz 
Power connector size L-N-PE 
(Schucko) (type F) 
Control panel Start / Stop 
Turn left/right 
Auto turn on/off 
Throw 15 - 20 m 
Water flow 15 - 25 LPM 
Water connection Thread 1” BSP (DN25) 
Required in pressure 2 - 10 bar (min flow of 25 LPM) 
Water quality Portable / non portable 
Elevation, HAND -20 / +60˚ 
Automatic turning system 25˚ to 350˚ in steps of 25˚ 
Turning area 350˚ 
Operating temp. -25°C to +50°C (winter kit needed below 0°C ) 
Storage temp. -40°C to +60° 
Length 910 mm 
Width 930 mm 
Height 2 100 mm 
Dry weight 205 kg

Booster pump 6 - 8 bar 
Water swivel 
Power connector placed on fork chassis 
Pump run dry protection 
Filter system 300 micron 1” 
Pressure gauge (nozzle) 
Water drain valve 
Automatic turning system 
Chassis with fork pockets 
Automatic water inlet valve (open at start) 

110 V edition (110/115V 50Hz 23Amps) 
Wireless remote control 
Dosing pump for additives 
Winter Kit 
Misting system LOW FLOW - FINE MIST 
70 bar pump with 5-60 micron droplets 
Flow 8 LPM - Pump 1,5 kW - Filter 60 micron 
POLE mounted (no fork pockets)