The DUZTECH TWG is a self contained dust suppression system. 
The mist cannon is mounted on a trailer with integrated water tank and generator set. The mist cannon uses a powerful fan to spread a fine water mist with the purpose of binding airborne dust particles and force them to the ground. 
The trailer is indipendent of water and electric supply and can therefore be used where there is no local power or water supply. The machine can be connected to the power grid and/or local water supply. 
The frame is built for heavy duty operation with an integrated water tank. The water tank and electric generator are placed low which makes it possible for the mist cannon to opearate 350° still having a very compact unit.

The DUZTECH TWG series are also available as 
self contained SKID/TRUCK mounted units. 
The mist cannon and generator are mounted 
on a mobile water tank. The units are fitted 
with fork pockets and can be moved by a wheel loader or fitted to a truck and easily moved 
between job sites.

SPECIFICATIONS TWG 40 TWG 50 TWG 60 Fan motor rating 7,5 kW 18,5 kW 30 kW 
Pump motor rating 2,2 kW 2,2 kW 2,2 kW 
Throw (up to) 35 - 40 m 50 - 60 m 60 - 80 m 
Generator 20 kVA 40 kVA 60 kVA 
Fuel tank (DIESEL) 55/250 L 105/480 L 160/520 L 
Running time generator 13/60 h 13/60 h 12/50 h 
Running time water Full flow 55 LPM (90 min) 
Low flow 15 LPM (5,5 h) 
Misting option 8 LPM (10,4 h) 
Control panel Start / Stop 
Tilt up/down 
Turn left/right 
Auto turn on/off 
Turn area setting 
Elevation, ELECTRIC -10 / +50˚ 
Automatic turning system 15˚ or 30˚ or 60˚ 
Turning area Mechanical limit +/- 5 ˚ aligned with tow bar 
Operating temperature +1°C to +40°C 
Dry weight, MAX 2 850 kg 3 100 kg 3 750 kg 
Length 6 200 mm 6 200 mm 6 200 mm 
Width 2 230 mm 2 230 mm 2 255 mm 
Height 3 150 mm 3 150 mm 3 350 mm

Booster pump 6-16 bar 
Automatic water valve between tank & cannon 
Variable throwing dictance 
Automatic turning system 
Electric elevation 
Water drain valve 
Pump run dry protection 
Filter system 500 micron 3” 
Pressure gauges 
5 000 L water tank 
Heavy Duty Wheels 400/60x15.5 
Wireless remote control 
Dosing pump for additives 
Fan barrel with noise reduction 
Automatic turning system 330˚ & Timer 
function (touch screen) 
Misting system LOW FLOW - FINE MIST 
70 bar pump with 5-60 micron droplets 
Flow 8 LPM - Pump 1,5 kW - Filter 60 micron 
Extended operational time of Generator 
Bigger fuel tank